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Nobody learns to fly in a cage – Freedom is the first step of learning.

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I’m Mool Chand Meena

A poetophile by heart and a life-purpose coach by profession. I ignite and guide you in academics, leadership, and self-development journey through my exclusive Leadership Development Program. In the process of self-development, I assist students and leaders in realizing their potential, purpose, passion, and priority.

Inspiration & Purpose

I believe in quality life which comes from value creation. Value is created by positive change in life. Such changes may be challenging but they bring satisfaction. I’m inspired by such changes and challenges that add value to lives and inspire us to escape from our boundaries. My efforts centred around bringing change in our way of life, way of thinking and in our way of acting.

My Approach

With a 21st-century perspective, I look at life in its totality. A holistic personality is needed to live life with its essence, purpose, and spirit. Prudence, honesty, responsibility, and courage are the four pillars of such a personality. My effort is to guide in the development of such a holistically groomed personality. To achieve this aim, my approach is built upon timeless wisdom of great Indian roots such as Nyaay (Justice), Neeti (Ethics), Yoga (Yog) , Literature and Epics (Itihaas). That offers profound insights into every aspect of life, from ethics and spirituality to leadership and personal development. Embracing these teachings will certainly bring richness and depth to your approach towards life with clarity of your purpose, potential, passion and priority.

My Values

Courage: It takes courage to adopt high values in life. Unless there are high values in life, neither life nor personality can be better. Courage is necessary to hold anything of worthwhile value.

Honesty: You can see another person as you see yourself. The world looks dishonest from a distance. When honesty descends into nature, then the qualities of the people are visible. You cannot know the truth by lying to yourself. You have to be honest with yourself to understand reality. We all have to adopt honesty to reach the heights of life.

Dedication: It is only through dedication that a person gets the power to work at his full potential and efficiency. The patience, discipline, and hard work needed to do better every time are possible only with dedication. It does not allow us to deviate from the path and keeps our attention pointed toward our goal.

Why Do I Do It

What is success and how to achieve it?
How to develop a powerful personality?
How to think effectively and learn efficiently?
What is the purpose of life? How to discover it?
What is our true passion and how to discover it?
What is right education and what is the purpose of education?

I didn’t have answers to such questions before, but now I have. And it didn’t happen overnight. It took effort, research, and a good amount of time in self-exploration. This self-exploration put a full stop to my struggle with confusion, insecurities, and doubts. As we start self-exploration, analyzing our thoughts and actions and tracking them back to their origin, we realize how our mind is making us fool and how we can control our thoughts and channel them towards our overall growth. Confusion and confidence do not coexist, nor do insecurities and freedom. In my experience, there is no success, happiness, or satisfaction if you are confused and insecure.

If you do not understand yourself truly, then how will you express yourself to others? Without freedom and confidence, I can’t even imagine a successful conversation. A good conversation is the basis of every relationship, whether it is personal or professional. Any damage to your relationships is an invitation to sorrow and poison for your mental health. With a lack of confidence, leadership, communication, and creative skills, your career will be limited, which will cause a financial struggle. It’s a loop we’re trapped in. We don’t realize it because it happens in a period when we are young, fast, and ignorant. We don’t realize dying slowly. We do not do anything when there is a lot of time, and we can’t do anything when there is a very short time. In the end, we are at the same point where we were. The only thing that we achieve is regret.

I always try to reach to the roots of the issues and emotions. I see multiple challenges arise out of a common cause. I find ourselves as a book of solutions. We just need to start reading ourselves now as reading is the only way. Here, you can start your journey of self-exploration and self-development with me. I’m here to help you reach the timeless wisdom of our greats.

Mool.me is my effort to help you discover your true self by answering questions that everyone has but not everyone has the answers to.

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