How To Face Exam Fear

1. Understand The Fear

First of all, understand that no matter what the fear may be, its basic nature and root cause are the same. To perceive the nature of fear and its root cause, you need a deep understanding. Until you find the reason for your fear, you will not be able to get rid of it. The whole challenge starts from here. Either we put energy into fighting the fear or we run away from it. It is clear from both situations that we are deprived of making proper use of our energy. This is the real challenge. Whether we fight or keep running, in both situations we will be far from peace. Can you be fearless and still be restless? You should think about it as well as experience it.

2. Confusion To Conclusion

So! Now come to the point. What to do if the only option left is to run away from fear or face the fear? If you have chosen to run away in fear then what are you doing here till now? And if you are determined to face fear then why are you asking the question “How to face fear?”. This shows that you haven’t made up your mind yet so, you are still unable to decide what to do. You still seem to be in a dilemma as to where to run if you want to run and how to face it if you have to face it. Because such questions are asked by the person who is in a state of indecision. The person who has made up his mind, his fussiness has also ended. By now you must have known in which stage you are. You have come here with your question that how to face fear. This question is telling that you do not have the experience of facing fear, that is, you have not faced fear yet. The reason you are asking all this is actually that you are worried. You are worried about tomorrow’s challenge. Are you worried about the upcoming challenge that how will you face the fear? And this concern has brought you here.

3. Focus On The Actual Challenge

Now we have reached the second stage of the discussion. Although your challenge should have been only the exam, now the worry of the fear of the exam has become a bigger challenge for you than the exam itself. You have limited energy and limited time. If you waste that energy and that time worrying about the fear of the exam, then it is sure that the preparation for the exam will not be done properly. In such a situation, the fear of examination will dominate even more and ultimately the result of the examination comes disappointing. You are aware of fear but you are still unfamiliar with your anxiety. If you are not defeated by worry, then you will not be defeated by fear and you will not be afraid of challenges.

4. Understand The Cause of Fear

Now we will understand the reason for fear. In childhood, we were afraid of the dark, afraid of unknown people. Now that we have started to understand a little, then perhaps the fear of darkness and people is ending. But we are still equally afraid of the darkness of ignorance. We are equally afraid of the darkness of uncertainty today. We don’t know how we will do in any exam or any challenge. When we are in such a state of indecision and uncertainty, we want to find solutions to such questions. If you have understood your fears even a little or tried to get to the root cause of your worries, then you know that worry and fear destroy your sanity. This is harming your decision making ability. The more worried or scared you are, the more you move towards a state of indecisiveness.

Determination concentrates your energy and worry diverts this energy. If you are successful in making your decision then you can be worry-free. Worry is the power of fear. When you are not in the grip of worry, you will not be in the grip of fear. In such a situation, fear will not be able to dominate you. And this is the right strategy to deal with fear. If you do not let fear dominate you, then neither do you need to run away from fear nor do you need to struggle with it in vain. In such a situation, your mental peace will also be maintained, discretion will not decay and your energy will not be wasted. Now I have told you a policy. Learn more about two policies that will help you.

5. Human Nature and The Power of Now

Fear arises when something is uncertain. Our attitude is such that we want certainty from whatever is uncertain. No one knows that, what will happen tomorrow but still, we want to know it. Whenever we want to know about tomorrow, at that time we get away from the present. All the worries start with turning away from the present. Unless your state of mind is in sync with the present situation and circumstances, you cannot be your best creation and best personality. If your creativity and personality are not great then how can your existence be great? And will you be able to be happy with your existence like this? And can there be excitement in your life with this gloom? Can you face a challenge without enthusiasm? From these questions, you can understand that enthusiasm is needed to face challenges. Enthusiasm gives the power to face every situation. So don’t waste your time worrying, do what is necessary at this very moment. In the present, there is no fear and there is no sorrow. Fear is in the future and sorrow is in the past. The present is the father of peace, contentment, and enthusiasm.

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