How To Have Self-Confidence

What Is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence means believing in yourself. You can’t pretend to believe in yourself, you have to believe in yourself. Now the question is, are you worthy of trust? Can you be trusted? Ask yourself these same questions. If the answer is “no” then it means you are deceiving yourself. Until you do this, no one else can trust you and neither can you trust yourself. Because the first step of faith is honesty. A person who is not honest with himself cannot be trustworthy. But he is free to pretend and often people pretend like that. Dishonesty is hidden in showing off, which eats away a man’s conscience like a termite. You cannot be filled with confidence until you eliminate this termite in the form of dishonesty.

A person without self-confidence feels hollow. Until this hollowness goes away, one cannot be full of self-confidence. In such a situation, a person suffers from uncertainty, doubt, fear, hesitation, etc. The intellect of a person with all these disorders starts getting corrupted. On the contrary, a determination is the measure of clarity and a calm mind is the measure of confidence. Awareness is the path that can lead to confidence.

Honesty & Awareness

The first step to being confident is to be self-aware and to identify your shortcomings and your abilities correctly. Generally, caution is needed in this because the instinct of our mind is such that we look at our shortcomings by reducing them and increasing our qualities. Because of this, we create a distorted perception of reality. 

The balance of life gets disturbed as soon as we turn away from reality. The whole outlook of the person deteriorates. Therefore, to avoid this, it is not enough for the person to be aware, but it is equally important for him to be honest. It is only with honesty that anybody can accurately identify one’s faults and virtues. Not only this, honesty and awareness are also necessary to understand the feelings and emotions that arise in the conscience and to realize their reason.

Doubt and faith cannot live together. As long as there is doubt in the mind, the mind will remain fearful, insecure, and fickle. The termite of doubt is very dangerous for faith.¬†Suspicion weighs on a person and all problems seem to be complicated. But faith is freedom from this burden. As soon as a ray of faith bursts within you, you absorb all the uncertainties in yourself. Now there is no fear of the unknown. Whatever happens, I’ll face, such a feeling remains in the inner mind. In the ocean of circumstances that come in this vast life, only a state of mind full of devotion can become a boat and take us to the shore.


The third stage of self-confidence requires knowledge of external subjects. Curiosity is necessary for knowledge. Knowledge clears doubts and brings clarity.

Fear is born in the darkness of ignorance. A fearful person is insecure. The reason for this fear is common that man is afraid of everything that he is unaware of. Unless he knows a subject, he won’t either believe in himself or in that object or situation. For example, a student who is weak in maths will always be afraid of maths. He still has doubts that he could get good marks in maths. It is equally true about other matters too.


The fourth step of self-confidence is willpower. This is the power that does not allow a person to forget his vow. Whenever he falls, this power gives him the strength to stand again. When the mind wanders, it gives morale. When there is a struggle in life, it gives strength. And when no one supports us, then this power of will becomes our support. If any change is to be brought about in personality and existence, then the support of action is taken. The power of will does the work of giving strength to this work. Willpower is necessary not only for self-confidence but also for logic. Because curiosity is the mother of logic and interest is the father of curiosity. If we go deeper, we will know that interest follows attitudes and attitudes follow the mind. Our state of mind and circumstances are bound to follow our minds. And the one who can make even such a powerful mind its slave, such a unique power is this power of resolution.


Now if I want to draw a concise conclusion from this article, I would say that self-confidence is not a show-off but a philosophy. It is the destination, the way, and the guidance. There is a lifestyle that is continuous and also has stagnation. Confidence is an internal process. It is only a reflection of your inner nature but it has the power to transform the whole image. Now it’s up to you. Do you want to wake up this power or do you want to keep sleeping yourself?

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