How To Focus On Your Studies


You are asking this because you haven’t studied carefully yet or you haven’t. So! Whatever it may be, understand one thing good habits are not easily formed.
Preparing both body and mind for a healthy habit or discipline is a monotonous task. It’s not going to be fun at all because the nature of our mind is such that it does not like discomfort at all. The mind will make every effort to make it feel comfortable. In such a situation, when we follow any discipline, then naturally there will be some uneasiness in it. It is painstaking work in which a relaxed mind would be reluctant to take an interest. In such a situation, the mind will find a million excuses so that it does not have to work hard. This mind plays new dramas and spreads its illusion. Due to the same illusion, many feel that they are not able to concentrate on their studies. But in reality, it is all an illusion of the mind which has been spread by the mind itself so that it does not have to do any hard work. Now you are looking for solutions. The mind has done its work and you are also trapped in its trap.
You don’t get distracted while watching a movie, but at the time of the study, all kinds of nonsense thoughts start coming. At the time of the study, the mind is eager to do anything other than study. In such a situation, we will remember a hundred works in such a way that they will be seen as important even from studies. We will be engrossed in this illusion that we cannot pay attention. But in reality, there is no problem, just by giving the excuse for the problem, the mind has to avoid working hard. That’s why the mind does all the tricks.
By now you must have understood whether you have a problem or just a doubt. If you have a problem with attention, it will be everywhere. It will not happen that there is a lot of attention while watching a movie, but the attention wanders only when you sit down to study. And if you have trouble paying attention everywhere, you should see a doctor right away instead of reading this article. If it is not so, then you can take some measures so that your mind will be in one place.

1. Eliminate Distractions

The mind has such a nature that if it is given a little juice, it starts asking for more. If it is given a little leeway, then it again comes under control with great difficulty. That’s why the mind has to be controlled every moment. As soon as the control is left, the mind starts doing its arbitrary. The mind is controlled by will. As soon as a person’s determination becomes weak, the mind immediately starts doing its own will. But at the same time, it should also be kept in mind that such subjects from which the mind wanders have to be kept away. Otherwise, the mind will be stubborn and conflict will arise within you. Your energy will go into this struggle, so avoid your inner struggle. For that, you have to stay away from all those subjects which attract the mind. Such as social media, oversleeping, laziness, rest, entertainment etc. Keep in mind that two to three hours before it is time to study, remove all these romantic subjects. As long as all these things are around you, the mind will remain engrossed in them. In such a situation it will be difficult for you to study.

2. Understand The Focus Process

As soon as we concentrate on some subject, this attention seems to be for some time only. After some time another thought enters and we get entangled in it and start struggling. We neither have to get entangled nor have to struggle, even if a thought comes, we have to either not pay attention to it or get annoyed with ourselves. The thoughts of those subjects which we do not want to think about will come more. Because it is the nature of the mind to be attracted towards negation. That’s why the thoughts that we try to suppress, those thoughts will start coming more and more. In such a situation, avoiding conflict is the only solution. Even if a thought has come, don’t react to it. Slowly your mind will start getting engaged in your desired subject.

3. Sitting Position

As soon as you sit down to study you will feel that you are not comfortable. Then to remove this discomfort of yours, sometimes you will keep on changing your sitting position and sometimes other things here and there. You will keep scratching here and there on the body. The reason for all this is only one that right now your mind is not taking interest in studies. To avoid these problems, you need to practice sitting on your easy. Whatever discomfort you feel, both your body and mind will get used to it. Then you will not feel any discomfort and you will be able to devote your time to your studies.

4. Study Environment

In a study-friendly environment, it is comparatively easier to concentrate. Therefore, from the point of view of the study, give preference to a quiet, clean, positive and convenient place. Take special care that the necessary material related to your study is available there. If such an environment is not available at home, then such a study-friendly environment will be found in a nearby library. One advantage of a library is that you will find only people studying there. Due to this your mind will easily start taking interest in studies.

5. Strategy & Timetable

You should know how to make good use of time and energy. You need to prepare a strategy for your study. You have to decide in advance what work you have to do and which subject you have to study. It is not only about studies but also about other daily work. Make an action list and write down your long-term and short-term objectives on it. This will act as a path guide for you. This will give you enough clarity which helps in preventing distractions in your studies. Along with what to do, keep a list of what not to do so that your complications are less.

6. Perseverance

Anyone can remain disciplined for a few days, but success is not achieved in a few days, for that one has to work continuously in a disciplined manner. Meanwhile, there also comes a time when the work is very difficult and there comes a time when the mind is not at all interested in working, but still, the one who perseveres deserves victory. Someday you will be tired, sometimes you will not feel like it, sometimes there will be a difficult problem and despite all this, if you persevere, then only you will be able to win the mind.
Now finally if you want to ask how to be firm? So, I am telling you to stop making excuses. Take responsibility for your mistakes, and take responsibility for your duties because running away is not the solution.

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