5 Things You Have To Leave For Success


To gain something, you have to lose something, this is a simple rule of life. Now it depends on you what you want to achieve by sacrificing what. The higher you think, the more beautiful things you want, and the more lovely and comfortable things you will have to sacrifice. The more meaningful and higher standard of life you want, the more you will have to sacrifice happiness. One has to work hard for success and hard work cannot be done in a comfortable condition so comfort has to be sacrificed. For success, your energy, time and attention should be focused on one point. You have to take out your time and dedicate it to your goal. You have to conserve the energy spent elsewhere and use it for your work. At the same time, you have to give up the means of distraction, then you will be able to get successful. There is no other shortcut to success, you have to work. And for success, you have to give up the things that are worth giving up.

1. Comfort For Hard Work

Relaxation breeds laziness and laziness destroys the will to work. Without working, nothing is achieved except poverty. Not only the body but also the brain becomes narrow in laziness and cannot function to its full potential. As long as you are in a comfortable position, you are not in a position to face challenges. Because comfort makes you weak and a weak person cannot overcome the challenges of life. If you want to make yourself strong then you have to work hard and there is no other way. In laziness, a person turns away from knowledge. Due to this his urge to learn and curiosity to know ends. The Curiosity and creativity are two important aspects to be successful in life. The direction and condition of work depend a lot on curiosity and creativity. Both of these play an important role in making the work extraordinary. Laziness is the destroyer of both curiosity and creativity. Albert Einstein said the person who stops learning stops growing. One who does not grow along with life, who does not learn along with life, and who does not have the curiosity to know life, is unsuccessful.

2. Mediocrity For Greatness

In a mediocre life, almost everything is mediocre. And when your habits, your company, your surroundings, your motivation, your ideals, and your consciousness are mediocre, then your life will be mediocre. In this situation, you cannot even imagine greatness properly. Greatness requires hard work, it requires raising consciousness, it requires sticking to one’s values, which a common man does not want to do. Because he needs comfort in life, he needs a life that does not require much thinking. It is not in everyone’s capacity to make meaningful decisions. You have to be fair even in taking decisions, you have to keep selfishness behind, you have to keep the values of life high and you have to think about all the aspects. You have to work hard to acheave greatness. One who cannot do this cannot even take meaningful decisions. But if you want to move beyond a mediocre life to a meaningful life, then you have to start. This beginning begins with raising the level of your consciousness. A person clings to ideology and thoughts or his desires and mostly these desires and thoughts are of mediocre quality. There is nothing meaningful in them, you have to discard them. This renunciation of inferiority will help liberate your consciousness. Until you do this, your thinking and consciousness remain bound to them. Free thinking requires freedom and greatness requires free thinking. In many ways, greatness is more important than success. Where there is greatness, there is also success. Sacrifice for an average life is just a sacrifice made for a great life.

3. Ignorance For Awareness

Being awake leads to knowledge and having knowledge keeps you awake. Ignorance leads to unconsciousness and unconsciousness leads to ignorance. Truth can be seen only in awakening; ignorance cannot recognize the truth. That’s why you need awareness. Awareness is the behaviour of life. You should also deal with life with awareness. Only then you can be in sync with life. Awareness is very important for balance. Bring awareness to your life and keep cutting the roots of ignorance. Consciously observe what is happening in your life, what is happening to you as well, and what kind of life you are living is there satisfaction in it, and if not then what kind of life is satisfying and peaceful? Try to know who has defined what you call success. Whose definition are you taking this as success? From this, you will know that life is affected by what you think and where your thoughts are coming from. Then you will leave the definition of others and decide the meaning of your life with your experience and discretion, giving your definition of success and a meaningful direction to life.

4. Distractions For Focus

How focused you are shown how much control you have over yourself, your time, and your life. Your focus shapes your life. If your attention is fixed on some pointless place, then your life cannot be meaningful. For this, your attention must also be focused on your goal by moving away from distractions. There is an attraction in focus, wherever your focus is, your life will also be centered around that. That’s why it becomes necessary that your attention remains focused on your goal. So that you can move forward by keeping your goal at the center of your life. Meditation is needed to focus attention on one center and to avoid distraction, you should abandon those means which lead you to distraction. Focus creates your reality.

5. Complexity For Simplicity

Simplicity and complexity are both very individual. What we do not understand is complex and what we understand is simple. When the level of consciousness rises high, things start to make sense, the world starts to make sense, society starts to make sense, and things that seemed complicated earlier now appear simple. Because the higher the level of consciousness goes, the simpler things become. We complicate situations ourselves because our perspective is so artificial that it doesn’t match reality. Reality is honest and we see through dishonest eyes. When a person is not honest towards himself, life, and life values, then his balance with reality gets disturbed. Then he tries to bring about an artificial balance, which upsets the balance further and complicates the situation. Simplicity and honesty are closely related. With simplicity comes honesty and with honesty comes simplicity. Similarly, complicity and dishonesty are also closely related.

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